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802.11 Page

These pages are quite old now as they were generated at the turn of the Century


WIDZV1.8 - the Wireless IDS for 802.11b

WIDZ was perhaps the first popular open source WIDS and was widely referenced by IEEE, SANS and was even used on university courses.  It was referenced in the definitive work on wireless security “Wi-Foo: The Secrets of Wireless Hacking”.  It was also used by NIST as reference model for some of the documents.

Deprecated but something better is coming!!

This now works well !!!and
has loads of new funtcions. Detects Rogue APs and Monkey-jacks. Null probes , floods has a Mac Backlist and ESSID blacklist so we can catch the obvious badguys - there's even a sad attempt at a gui!!! Anything to keep popular



The London Wireless Hacker Survey

To my knowledge this was the First and Best Proper survey ever conducted in the UK - not just sad arse doing a war drive with a couple of tanked up journos. Based on science, not hype

* You heard about it on the Radio
* you saw it on telly
* You heard civil liberty groups bleat
*and various governments demanding a copy

like me its a bit old but its worth reading what started all the fuss


WIDZV1.5 - the Wireless 802.11b IDS

the first non-mac based wireless IDS



Wireless IDS detection

This highlights the techniques and tips learnt with WIDZ Version 1. It outlines how to detect hostile traffic on 802.11 and is the blueprint for widz version 2



Wireless Authentication

Big words and acronyyyyymnns explained



The 802.11 Honey Pot

Discuss the design of our wireless honeypot



Me on the Telly

Hi Mum



802.11 - The Exposures Demonstrated

I worked long and hard on this and I'm chuffed. This isn't one of those theoretical chin-stroking papers, it shows you how exposed you are by actually hacking a network.


Wireless Networks - Throwing Cash out the door

Very simple article which will get your bosses attention


Wireless TopTips

this years Good Practice Guide


802.11 & Fatbloke

in the Media















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